Vanessa Fischer is an artist from Stony Brook, New York currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts working on her Masters in Fine Art in Photography and Integrated Media. She received her Bachelors in Fine Art  from CUNY Queens College. Fischer is  New York State Certified to teach visual art and taught in the New York City public school system for three years. Fischer’s art works have been exhibited in four major group exhibitions Documenting Village Life 2018 at Centro Fotografico Manuel Alvrez Bravo in Mexico, Passion vs Pragmatism at The Art Vacancy in Brooklyn, New York at the Flushing Town Hall in Queens, New York and in Snap Into Photography at Queens College in Flushing, New York. Her current work addresses the impermanence of familial comfort as it relates to the premature death of her mother. To get closer to her own mom Fischer photographs mothers who would have been her own mothers age focusing on their gestures that remind her of her own mom. Fischer utilizes the alternative photographic process, Vandyke Brown for her series Reflective Memories of Home, where she photographed the reflective surfaces around the home where she grew up. In Fischer’s second alternative process series Transition into Adulthood, she photographs a woman under water in place of her self. She distorts the body underwater to mimic a womb and speak to her emotional experience of finding her independent self. Fischer utilizes image making to freeze fleeting moments that she has experienced in her life emphasizing their resultant emotional impact.